Nokia Brings Developer Rewards Program to Nigeria and Ghana


Nokia Mobile has extended its developer rewards program DVLUP to Windows Phone app developers in Nigeria and Ghana. DVLUP is a program which enables Windows Phone App developers create, book and manage their own app promotions and build better apps through App Challenges.

The program was launched in Nigeria and Ghana on Tuesday, December 12th, 2013. It provides a feature worthy of note in that Nokia allows developers control the promotion of their app which is better than what is obtainable in other app stores. The program is free and is centred on winning badges, earning experience points and other app development challenges much like an electronic game. When a developer creates a good app, he/she gains extra points and unlocks greater opportunities for promoting his/her app.

The Head, Ecosystem Developer Experience, Nokia West Africa, Emmanuel Oluwatosin remarked “We are happy that this program is finally coming to Nigeria and Ghana, and we believe that this is a huge and exciting opportunity for developers in both countries to tap into. This is an opportunity for them to make the most of their talents, build more locally relevant apps and promote the apps themselves”. DVLUP was started in November 2012 in US and Canada and is now available in over 20 countries and more are added as time goes by.