NCC Penalises Telecom Operators for Poor Service Delivery

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The regulatory body of the Nigerian telecom industry, Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has slammed a fine of 1.2 billion naira on the four major telecom companies operating in Nigeria namely MTN, Airtel, Globacom and Etisalat for failing to provide the expected quality of service to their customers. The commission last year established certain Key Performance Indicators (KPI) thresholds to be adhered to by the telecom service providers and after investigations, it found out that the operators had not kept to the guidelines therefore handed them the large fines.

MTN and Etisalat were fined three hundred and sixty million naira each, Airtel was fined two hundred and seventy million naira and Globacom was fined one hundred and eighty million naira. The commission further warned that failure to comply with the directive will attract another fine of five million naira and five hundred thousand naira per day after the expiration of the notice on December 31st.