Microsoft Invents Stress Detecting Bra

Stress Detecting Bra

Researchers at Microsoft have made a smart bra which can detect stress. The bra has some removable electronic sensors which check your skin and heart activity to indicate your mood levels. The reason for this venture was to see if a wearable technology could be made to prevent people from over eating due to stress. The information from the bra is sent to the wearer through a mobile phone app. The reason a bra was used was because it allowed the sensors to be placed close to the heart, a similar piece for men has not really worked well because the sensors were too far from the heart.
Just last month, a Twitter-connected bra was released which tweets every time it is unhooked to encourage women to self-examine their breasts, last year also three engineering students in India developed a bra which shocks anyone trying to grope a woman wearing it to prevent rape.