Hackers Steal 2 Million Facebook, Google, Yahoo & Twitter Passwords

Hacked Passwords

In what could be described as the biggest hack of the year, over 2 million usernames and passwords of social media users accounts were hacked by a group of individuals using a system called ‘Pony Botnet’. Reports say about 326,000 Facebook accounts, 60,000 Google accounts, 59,000 Yahoo accounts and 22,000 Twitter accounts were hacked amongst thousands of other social media sites. Some passwords were as easy as 1234 and close to 16,000 hacked accounts had 123456 as their passwords, the passwords of affected users on Facebook and Twitter have been reset by the companies.

In order to avoid been a victim of such occurrences, always set a strong password for all your online accounts by following the steps below.

·         Mix your password with capital & small letters, symbols and numbers and write a hint down on paper to help you remember – Never write the full password anywhere!
·         Do not use words in the dictionary or easy to guess words that are not in the dictionary
·         Don’t use your personal details – Name, Age, State, Relatives names, Birthdays and anything that can be looked up.