2014 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Specifications and Pricing

2014 Mercedes Benz C class
Mercedes Benz has unveiled an all new model of their bestselling car ‘C-Class’. The 2014 Mercedes C Class is a combination of Style and Strength. The company said this about the new model; “a bold departure from its predecessor with styling that exudes sensuous clarity and arouses emotions”.
Now to the specifications, it is 4.7 metres long which is 3.7 inches longer than the previous model, there is also a 4cm increase in width and 8 cm increase in wheelbase. Its body is made of almost 50 percent Aluminium, a very significant increase from the previous model which has only 10 percent Aluminium. This in effect has made it up to 100kg lighter than the previous model, reduced fuel consumption and allows for better handling.
The car comes with three engine choices at debut, C180 and C300 have four cylinder 1.6 litre and 1.9 litre petrol engines respectively which give fuel economy values of  56.5mpg and 53.3mpg. The C220 is the only diesel option and makes use of a 2.1-litre turbodiesel engine with a fuel economy of 70.6mpg. There will be more engine choices in the future with plans of a 1.6-litre diesel engine and a more powerful 2.1-litre diesel engine.
There will also be Hybrid models which include C300 Bluetec Hybrid which has a four-cylinder diesel engine and an electric motor with an average fuel efficiency of 72.4 mpg, a plug-in hybrid is also in the works.
There are new improved safety systems on board; they include Traffic Sign Assist with Wrong-Way Alert, BAS Plus Brake Assist, Adaptive Highbeam Assist Plus and Enhanced Active Lane Keeping Assist. The vehicle’s interior has five round air vents and a screen with a 7 inch or 8.4 inch diagonal measurement atop the dashboard.
As usual there are both Automatic models and Manual models. The automatic models have a one-piece centre console while manual versions have a different design for gear change. There is also an option of a front passenger seat with automatic child seat recognition. The system has a weight sensor which automatically deactivates and reactivates the airbag as necessary once it detects a child seat.

Pre-orders for the 2014 Mercedes Benz C-Class will begin January 2014 and delivery will begin in June 2014. It is expected to start at $36,000 all the way to $63,000 (5.8 million Naira – 10 million Naira).