Prices of Tecno Phones in Nigeria

tecno phones prices nigeria

Tecno was formerly a ridiculed phone in Nigeria but not anymore as they have adopted the Android operating system for their mobile phones. Their phones are best sellers in Nigeria as they provide excellent resources at a cheaper price than others. See the price list below.
Where to Buy Tecno Phones from ₦12,700.00 Buy Now

TECNO B3 – N10,500.00
TECNO D3 – N13,500.00
TECNO D5 – N15,000.00
TECNO M7 – N27,000.00
TECNO N7 – N28,000.00
TECNO P3 – N12,500.00


Tecno P5 – N17,000.00
Tecno Phantom A2 – N46,000.00
Tecno Phantom PAD (N9) – N36,000.00
TECNO Q1 – N17,000.00
Tecno S3 – N14,000.00
*All prices are in Nigerian Naira
*Prices quoted here are averages, therefore the prices may be higher or lower depending on the seller.