Prices of Apple Phones & Tablets in Nigeria

Apple is undoubtedly the most popular phone brand in the world with their quality hardware and impressive operating system. The downside however is the high cost of their products. Prices listed on this page are only estimates but should be near the retail price anywhere in Nigeria.
 See the price list of their phones and tablets below: 
Apple iPhone 6: 180,000 Naira – 220,000 Naira
Apple iPhone 6 Plus: 200,000 Naira – 250,000 Naira
Apple iPhone 5S: 112,000 Naira
Apple iPhone 5 32GB: 130,000 Naira
Apple iPhone 5 64GB: 140,000 Naira
Apple iPad Mini 16GB: 78,000 Naira

Apple iPad Mini 32 GB: N93,000
Apple iPad Mini 64GB: 107,000 Naira
Apple iPad Mini 2:N70,000 -N140,000
Apple iPad 2: N80,000 – N130,000
Apple iPad 3: N110,000 – N130,000
Apple iPad 4 16 GB: N105,000
Apple iPad 4 32GB: N118,000
Apple iPad 4 64 GB: N136,000
Apple iPad Air: N80,000 – N150,000
Apple iPhone 5C 16GB: N100,000 
Apple iPhone 5C 32GB: N120,000
Apple iPhone 5S 16GB: N180,000
Apple iPhone 5S 32GB: N190,000
Apple iPhone 5S 64GB: N200,000
Apple iPhone 5S Gold 16GB : N200,000
*All prices are in Nigerian Naira
Disclaimer: We do not guarantee that this information is 100% correct. Contact us for corrections where applicable through this email address – [email protected]