Tips for buying Tablet computers In Nigeria

Computer tablets have come to stay but there are so many in the market that many people are usually confused when shopping for one. Here are tips to help solve this problem in this comprehensive 2017 Tablet computer Buying Guide. Read and find out how to choose the best tablet for you.
There are some questions you need to ask yourself when planning to buy a tablet, they are:  
Why am I buying a Tablet?
·         Different strokes for different folks, If it is because you want to get rid of your PC or laptop, we suggest you buy one with a big screen such as the iPad 4 , the new iPad Air, Nexus 10 Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, Sony Xperia Z and more you can search for online which all have around 10 inches screen.
·         If you want to use your tablet strictly for business, the Microsoft Surface pro will be your best choice as it is installed with Windows OS that you are already used to and a removable keyboard.
·         If you want to buy a tablet because you hate having to carry your heavy laptop around but still want to be able to watch movies and play games on a bigger screen than your phone, then go for lightweight tablets such as the iPad mini, the new iPad Air, Nexus 7 and Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0.
What Operating System Do I Want?
The three major operating systems in use are iOS, Android and Windows. When planning to buy a tablet, consider which operating system you like best (give all three a try) and decide which one works best for you, although its best to stick to the operating system you are used to but there’s no harm in exploring. The iOS is owned by Apple Inc. and is a restricted system – You have to buy most apps and games which makes it difficult to customize and enjoy although there are ways of opening the system which are not discussed here, however it offers excellent hardware and some quality inbuilt apps. Android is owned by Google Inc. , is more open and gives you access to tons of free apps and enables personalization but is quite tricky to use, however when you get used to it’s quite easy to handle.  For those whose primary use is for business, Windows 8 owned by Microsoft Inc. is the best as stated above.
How much do I have to spend?
This is the part which decides what you buy most. Tablets come from different companies and hence different prices, If you are a big spender with an amount in the range of one hundred thousand (100,000) naira and above then you can think of buying an Apple tablet such as the iPad or iPad mini but if you don’t want to spend so much there are many other similar products for a fraction of the price of an Apple product, Android tablets are cheaper and give almost the same results as Apple tablets and even better in some cases. However, when buying a tablet budget at least fifty thousand (50,000) naira for a good quality tablet. Windows tablets are also expensive but if you are already too used to Windows, its best you stick to it.
What Apps Do I want?
The next step is to decide which apps you want to use on your tablet. Apple has the largest number of tablet suited apps in their App store followed by Android in the Google Play store but most Android apps are not made for tablets specifically so you may experience some screen pixellation i.e. an app occupying just a portion of the screen instead of the whole screen. Windows Apps are few in number but Windows tablets come with software for business such as Microsoft Office Suite and Microsoft Outlook.
What Accessories Do I Want?
The final question to ask yourself is which peripherals and accessories you want to use with your tablet. Apple has lots of expensive accessories such as cases, fancy skins and others while Android tablets have these too and can be used with compatible TV’s and game consoles easily, Microsoft Surface has a clip-on keyboard for fast and easy typing.
After answering all these questions, we believe you would have decided on the best tablet for you, go to a store and buy it and make sure to check online to confirm that what you are purchasing is the real deal. Shine your eyes, Goodluck!