Blackberry Access Codes for MTN, Glo, Etisalat and Airtel

Blackberry phones have been popular for some time now in Nigeria and even with the company’s problems most Nigerian youths still want to own a blackberry. Here are the codes for accessing Blackberry Services in Nigeria with their prices. For the prices of Blackberry phones in Nigeria, click HERE.
Without Blackberry internet service (BIS), Blackberry phones are as good as useless. All the major GSM networks in Nigeria support Blackberry Internet Service/Blackberry Enterprise Service (BES) and have different plans with different prices.
There are two major plans for Blackberry phones, the Blackberry Internet Service and the cheaper Blackberry Complete Plan. BIS features unlimited browsing among other benefits while Blackberry Complete has limited data for browsing and supports only one third party email e.g. Gmail, Ymail or Outlook.

Blackberry Internet Service Codes and Prices

There are three types of BIS plans in Nigeria namely BIS Month, BIS Week and BIS Day. Most Networks have an unlimited data cap for the BIS service

BlackBerry Complete Plans
Glo BlackBerry Complete Month 3GB – N900 (Send COMONTH to 777)
Glo BB10 Lite Month – N1,000 (Send LITMONTH to 777)
Glo BB10 Mid Month – N1,400 (Send MIDMONTH to 777)
Glo BlackBerry Absolute BIS Month 3GB – N1,000 (Send BISMONTH to 777)
Glo BB10 Max Month – N3,000 (Send MaxMONTH to 777)
Airtel BlackBerry Complete – N1,400 (Send BCM to 444)
Airtel BB10 Lite Month – N1,000 (Dial *440*13#)
Airtel BB10 Midi Month – N1,500 (Dial *440*10#)
Airtel BlackBerry Unlimited BIS Month – N3,000 (Send BISMONTH to 444)
Airtel BB10 Max Month – N3,000 (Dial *440*7#)
MTN Blackberry Complete Monthly – N1,500 (text BBC to 21600)
MTN BB10 Lite Monthly – N1,000 (Dial *216*9#)
MTN BB10 Midi Monthly – N1,500 (Dial *216*12#)
MTN Blackberry Unlimited BIS Monthly – N3,000 (text BIS to 21600)
MTN BB10 Maxi Monthly – N3,000 (Dial *216*15#)
Etisalat BB10 Lite – N1,000 (Dial *599*2#)
Etisalat BB10 Mid – N1,400 (Dial *599*3#)
Etisalat BlackBerry Complete – N1,000 (*499*3#)
Etisalat BlackBerry Unlimited BIS Monthly – N3,000 (dial *399*1#)
Etisalat BB10 Max – N3,000 (Dial *599*4#)
Visafone Complete Month – N1,399 (Send BBCM to 6000)
Visafone Absolute Month – N2,899 (Send BBAM to 6000)
BlackBerry Weekly BIS Codes and Prices

Glo BlackBerry BIS Complete Week 700MB – N400 (Send COWEEK to 777)
Glo BB10 Lite – N400 (Send LITWEEK to 777)
Glo BB10 Mid – N600 (Send MIDWEEK to 777)
Glo BlackBerry BIS Week 700MB – N500 (Send BISWEEK to 777)
Glo BB10 Max – N1,050 (Send MAXWEEK to 777)
MTN Blackberry BIS Complete Weekly – N500 text BBCWEEK to 21600
MTN BB10 Lite – N350 (Dial *216*8#)
MTN BB10 Midi – N550 (Dial *216*11#)
MTN Blackberry BIS Weekly – N1,000 text BBWEEK to 21600
MTN BB10 Maxi – N1,100 (Dial *216*14#)
Airtel BlackBerry Complete – N400 (Send BCW to 444)
Airtel BB10 Lite – N350 (Dial *440*14#)
Airtel BB10 Midi – N525 (Dial *440*11#)
Airtel BB10 Max – N1,050 (Dial *440*8#)
Airtel BlackBerry BIS Week – N1,000 (Send BISWEEK to 444)
Etisalat BlackBerry Complete – N500 (Dial *499*3*1#)
Etisalat BB10 Lite Week – N850 (Dial *599*2*1#)
Etisalat BB10 Mid – N1,000 (Dial *599*3*1#)
Etisalat BlackBerry BIS Weekly – N1,000 (Dial *399*6#)
Etisalat BB10 Max Week – N1,500 (Dial *599*8#)
BlackBerry Daily BIS Codes and Prices

Glo BlackBerry BIS Day – N300 (Send BISDAY to 777)
Glo BlackBerry BIS Complete Day – N100 (Send CODAY to 777)
Etisalat BlackBerry Complete Daily – N100 (Dial *299*3*2#)
Etisalat BlackBerry BIS Daily – N250 (Dial *499*5#)
Airtel BlackBerry Complete Daily – N100 (Send BCD to 444)
Airtel BlackBerry BIS Day – N200 (Send BISDAY to 444)
Airtel BB10 Max – N200 (Dial *440*9#)
Airtel BB10 Midi – N100 (Dial *440*12#)
Airtel BB10 Lite – N70 (Dial *440*15#)
MTN BB10 Maxi – N200 (Dial *216*13#)
MTN BB10 Midi – N100 (Dial *216*10#)
MTN BB10 Lite – N70 (Dial *216*7#)
BlackBerry Enterprise Solutions Codes and Prices
The BlackBerry Enterprise Solution (BES) is mainly used by companies for their corporate email service as Blackberry offers secure access for Corporate IT and email infrastructure.  Subscription to the service is done better by contacting your network provider.

Glo BlackBerry BES Month – N4,200 (Send BESMONTH to 777)
Glo BES Week – N1,400 (Send BESWEEK to 777)
Glo BES Day – N350 (Send BESDAY to 777)
Etisalat BES Monthly – N6,000
BlackBerry Social Plans, Codes and Prices

BlackBerry Social is a Blackberry service which offers access to only social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, Internet Browsing is limited and only Blackberry mail is supported. See the and prices codes below:

Glo Blackberry Social Monthly – N1,200 (text SOMonth to 777)
Glo Blackberry Social Weekly – N400 (text SOWeek to 777)
Glo Blackberry Social Daily – N100 (text SODay to 777)
MTN Blackberry Social Monthly – N1,500 (text BBS to 21600)
MTN BB Social Weekly – N450 (text BBSWEEK to 21600)
Airtel BlackBerry Social Month – N1,200 (Dial *440*4#)
Airtel BB Social Week – N500 (Dial *440*5#)
Airtel BlackBerry Social Daily – N500 (Dial *440*6#)
Etisalat BlackBerry Social Monthly – N1,300 (Dial *499*2#)
Etisalat BB Social Weekly – N400 (Dial *499*2*1#)
Etisalat BB Social Daily – N100 (Dial *499*2*2#)