Android KitKat Version 4.4 Released

Google has finally released its highly anticipated Android KitKat version 4.4 operating system named after the popular chocolate bar KitKat. We posted back in September about it and its rumored features, see HERE. Android 4.4 KitKat is a significant improvement over its predecessors; it is faster and better in multitasking and now has full voice control with a smart caller identification system which can take a guess at a number calling you even if it’s not on your contacts list using businesses listed on Google Maps.
Devices running on KitKat can send documents directly to printers using Google Cloud Print or HP ePrint software. Quickoffice has been given a more efficient new design which makes editing easier and finding files faster.  As expected the new version will be able to run on many android devices which was not the case before. This is because KitKat will need only 512MB of RAM to run without hitches. Hopefully the upgrade will be released to all qualified android devices but for now its only running on the Nexus 4, 7, 10 and the Samsung Galaxy S4.