Prices of Kia Cars in Nigeria

Below are the average prices of brand new Kia vehicles in Nigeria, they are just average prices gotten from research online and in person and may vary from one car dealer to another.
PLEASE NOTE: I do not sell cars or have contacts of car dealers, these prices are just a rough estimate.
*All prices are in Nigerian Naira.
Kia Rio LX – N2,250,000
Kia Rio EX Manual Transmission – N2,457,000
Kia Rio EX Automatic Transmission – N2,610,000
Kia TD Cerato Manual Transmission – N2,778,300
Kia TD Cerato Automatic Transmission – N3,156,300
Kia Optima Manual Transmission – N4,050,000
Kia Optima Automatic Transmission – N4,500,000
Kia Carens – N3,780,000
Kia Soul Manual Transmission – N2,778,300
Kia Soul Automatic Transmission – N3,042,000
Kia Sportage Manual Transmission – N4,101,300
Kia Sportage Automatic Transmission – N4,725,000
Kia Sorento – N6,237,000
Kia Mohave – N6,709,500
Kia Carnival – N6,426,000
Kia Cadenza – N6,390,000
Kia K 2700 Ambulance – N7,200,000
Kia K2700 Truck SC – N2,628,000
Kia K2700 Truck DC – N2,835,000
Kia K3000 Truck SC – N2,970,000
Kia Picanto Automatic Transmission – N1,800,000
Kia Picanto Manual Transmission – N1,620,000


  1. this is good price analysis, but the mode of these different cars was not included. it will nice to have it on this site. thanks.