How to use a Custom Domain on Blogger

This one is specially for my Naija bloggers. the number of bloggers in Nigeria is increasing rapidly everyday as everybody wants to make some cool cash and most use the blogger free hosting service. When you register at, you are told to choose a name for your blog but it will have the .blogspot extension instead of .com. For those of you who want to change it, and its important you do it early because one day, your blog might become very popular and someone will buy your .com domain name and you will have to pay lots of money to get it. Below are the steps you need to take:

  • First think of the domain name you want, let it not be too long for easy typing
  • Many sites sell cheap domain names, the most popular and trustworthy are,,,, 
  • Go to the site and search for the domain name you want to check if it is available and the price – Usually costs N1000 – N2000 for a year.
  • You will need an active loaded credit card to buy the domain name either Visa or Mastercard.
  •  Go to the site and buy your domain name, you’ll be given an account which you can use to manage your domains
  • Then go to your blogger dashboard and click the settings option
  • By default it will be on the basic sub-option
  • Then you see the place for ‘Blog Address’, it will be the domain you set
  • Now you will see an ‘add custom domain’ option
  • Click it and type the name of your custom domain
  • It will then tell you that you do not have permission to use the name and give you some letters to type in your Domain Account i.e www something like, Note: Yours will be different dont copy this one.
  • Go to your domain registrar account and look for CNAME records, delete the one already there, click add new CNAME Record and enter the one given to you by blogger.
  • In order for your naked site address e.g to redirect to, go to the A records option on your domain account and do as shown in the photo below i.e list in each A record, your naked domain and then use the IP addresses provided one by one i.e 4 in all e.g
Host Name                      IP Address      and so on

  • Finally go to your blogger domain settings tab and re-enter the domain name and click save, if you did it right it will save and your blog address will be .com, also your .blogspot address will automatically redirect to your .com address. 

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